Maxime Gagné

Security of Cost Estimation Template

FMC Professional Inc.

  • Industry: Public Services
Closely communicated with the department to fulfill the purpose of the project in a narrow timeframe Complemented VBA to the work with Microsoft Excel and complete the software’s programming.

Project Requirements

  • Create an administrative page managing the pages of Microsoft Excel sheets and their users.
  • Establish a home page displaying the pages in the document as well as the degree of access one has to them.
  • Securitizing the document in its entirety and ensuring its contents remain protected in all cases.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Excel & VBA

Project Overview

I was brought in to assist with the securitization of Microsoft Excel working pages. In this situation, the difficulty resides in the fact that there are no longins embedded in Microsoft Excel. Consequently, I successfully created an interface that controlled the sheets’ logins; thus enabling the controlled access to Excel pages and to what each user could see.




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